De Tout Coeur Limousin
Ema and Eric le chien at Lac de Vassiviere

Bonjour all and thank you for stopping by.  

I'm Ema - a British born expat now living and running my creative and well being business in the beautiful Limousin region of SW France with my husband Peter. We followed our hearts and our dreams to start the next chapter of our lives.

When I'm not out and about with Eric le chien (our ageing Cairn terrier) exploring the countryside, taking photos, or singing you will find me cooking, eating or writing about food. My culinary tastes are shaped greatly by my Polish-British heritage and comfort food for me will always be a big bowl of my babcia's Polish chicken noodle soup. But I love to discover new flavours and ingredients from around the world and share my recipes and cooking with others. Most of all it has to be 'from the heart' and cooked with love.  

I look forward to chatting and meeting more of you soon.  

Do what you love with love and the rest will follow....


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De Tout Coeur Limousin
Eric le chien at De Tout Coeur Limousin

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